To find an internship, you can get in contact with companies/studios through:

The CareerService cannot give you a list of company contact details due to privacy reasons, but you can check the list of Employers on the website to discover which ones are already registered on our website, divided by business sector. You can send them unsolicited applications through the company websites.

When checking Online offers make sure you are applying to offers that are actually in line with your profile by using the appropriate filters:

  • STUDENT and GRADUATING STUDENT or NEW GRAD (depending on your status at Polimi)

You shall receive a confirmation via email every time your CV is successfully forwarded to a company.

The Company might contact you via email or phone (indicated on your CV) within 30 days approx, which is when the offer goes offline. Please be aware that companies do not always give direct negative feedback to candidates. So if you get no answer, your application has probably been refused.


If you are looking for an internship to develop your thesis project please consider that, even if not written in the title or in the description, all internship offers can be valid for this purpose and you may have the opportunity to discuss it with the Company in case of an interview.


Want help to be more successful and get more feedback? Follow our online course for the preparation of your personal CV. If you are an architect or a designer we remind you to add a short portfolio to your CV.  Finally, if you are applying for positions abroad, we remind you to send a CV in English or in the language of the destination country.

To upload your personal CV:

  1. Log in with your details in the top right hand corner of the page careerservice.polimi.it
  2. Click on your name appearing on the right
  3. Click on ‘Manage Your Profile’

Also, please note that:

  • non-EU nationals must have a permit to stay in Italy for the entire internship period.
  • the rules and regulations governing the immigration of non-EU students/new graduates to the various Countries, depend on their nationality: it is up to the selected student to collect all information and documents in advance, contact the corresponding consulates, so as to be authorized to enter and stay in the receiving country.

Last, don’t’ forget check the rules for compulsory internships, course by course. For further information visit us on opening hours

  • Tuesday from 9.30 to 12.30
  • Thursday from 2.30pm till 4.30pm